‘It’s my front line and I’ll do it’: chef puts Ukrainian cuisine back on the map | Ukraine

In war there are many different fronts and many different forms of resistance. Ievgen Klopotenko, a Ukrainian chef, fights his war with soup. Despite the Russian cruise missile and drone attacks that have recently hit Kyiv, Klopotenko, 35, presided over his busy restaurant in the city center last week. The menu included dishes such as … Read more

9 hidden iOS 16 features we found on iPhone

This story is part of Focal Point iPhone 2022CNET’s collection of news, tips and advice on Apple’s most popular product. Apple posted on Monday iOS 16.1its first major update for iOS 16. The latest version comes with several bug fixes and security updates as well as several new features Live activities and iCloud Shared Photo … Read more

‘Music is our way of coping with life’: Mary Wallopers on the return of booze, sex and politics to folk | Folk music

IIn a cozy pub known locally as Tata’s, Charles Hendy is calling out “notions” – a distinctly Irish kind of ideas that are beyond the pale. “We have no problem giving the guest list to the plumber,” he says, first pint of the day in hand. “Actually, I think the whole idea of ​​being a … Read more

Malaysia’s ex-AG is suing the government as his memoirs become election fodder

KUALA LUMPUR – Former Malaysian Attorney-General Tommy Thomas’ controversial memoir has become an unlikely election issue, with the Umno-led Barisan Nasional (BN) accusing its rival Pakatan Harapan (PH) of appointing someone. whose book is being investigated for elements of incitement, sedition and libel. Tan Sri Thomas is now suing the government for setting up a … Read more