Balenciaga campaign scandal: Brand issues apology after furious reaction to ad – latest

Balenciaga under fire over ‘creepy’ ads of kids with ‘bondage outfits’

Balenciaga has issued a statement “strongly condemning child abuse” while addressing the fallout over its controversial ad campaigns involving children.

On Monday, the fashion house shared a new statement on Instagram in which it said it “would like to address the controversies surrounding our recent ad campaigns”.

Balenciaga has faced widespread backlash over two recent ad campaigns involving children. One of the ads, the designer’s gift collection campaign, featured children posing with the brand’s teddy bear purses, which critics pointed out appear to be wearing BDSM and bondage-inspired accessories.

The second ad under scrutiny is Balenciaga’s Spring 2023 campaign, for its use of a printout of a Supreme Court decision on child pornography.

In the post, the designer brand wrote: “We strongly condemn child abuse; it was never our intention to include it in our narrative.

“The two separate ad campaigns in question reflect a series of grievous errors for which Balenciaga takes responsibility.”

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What happened and why is the designer label apologizing?

Balenciaga has apologized after backlash over a recent ad campaign, which featured children holding teddy bears dressed in bondage gear and an image of a Supreme Court opinion on a child pornography case.

On Tuesday, the Spanish fashion label issued a statement to its Instagram story. “We sincerely apologize for any offense our holiday campaign may have caused,” the statement read. “Our plush bear bags should not have been featured with children in this campaign. We have immediately removed the campaign from all platforms.”

Oliver O’Connell28 November 2022 23:40


Julia Fox stands up for women bearing brunt of backlash

On November 28, the Uncut Gems actor shared his thoughts on the Balenciaga scandal in a TikTok video after fans asked her to weigh in on the photoshoot.

Meredith Clark reports on what she said.

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Fans call out Nicole Kidman over silence on controversy

Fans of Nicole Kidman are calling on the actor to release a statement regarding her relationship with Balenciaga amid backlash over the brand’s recent ad campaigns featuring children.

Chelsea Ritschel reports.

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Voices: Kim Kardashian has finally said something we can all agree with

Victoria Richards writes:

It’s not often that I find myself naturally aligned with Kim Kardashian. I mean: we are the same age, and… that’s it. One other similarity: we both have kids. Oh, and neither of us think that children should be used to promote fetish wear.

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Do the problems go back further?

Balenciaga is by no means the first fashion brand to find itself mired in controversy over a tasteless ad campaign, but journalist Lorraine King believes this is not their first offense.

She tweeted: “I wish they had been canceled when they started trolling working class people. I’m glad they are finally here. Terrible company.”

The accompanying tweet included images of Balenciaga products based on shopping bags and safety gear.

Other examples from the luxury fashion house include a handbag modeled on a bag of potato chips:

And the “most expensive trash bag in the world”.

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Everything we know about the scandal so far

Meredith Clark unwraps everything we know so far about the controversial ad campaigns and the subsequent fallout.

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Who else is giving up the brand?

Journalist and author Omid Scobie tweeted on Sunday night that he had given away all of the Balenciaga clothes he owns.

“Got rid of all my Balenciaga this weekend. I loved that brand but no apology can ever be enough for what they let happen. Canceled for good,” he tweeted.

The Finding Freedom author later clarified when asked how he had disposed of the clothes: “Charity shop. It would be a waste to trash or destroy items of value that someone else may want (or want to buy and resell). Plus that’s what I’ve always done with unwanted clothes (unless it’s a major piece — then I’ll use Vestiaire).

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Second apology admits fault and negligence

On Monday, Balenciaga issued a second apology going into further detail about the two ad campaigns and attempting to explain where mistakes were made:

The Independent‘s Chelsea Ritschel has the details:

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Balenciaga takes action against production company

The Spanish fashion label has not only apologized for the ads but has also filed a lawsuit against the production company responsible for a controversial ad campaign in which court documents from a Supreme Court opinion on child pornography were visible.

The suit, which was filed on November 25 in the New York State Supreme Court, accuses production company North Six Inc – and its agent, Nicholas Des Jardins – of engaging in “inexplicable acts and omissions” that were “malevolent or, at the very at least, extraordinarily reckless.”

Balenciaga is seeking $25m in monetary damages.

Meredith Clark has the details.

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Bella Hadid is not alone in distancing herself from Balenciaga in light of the fallout from the controversial ad campaign.

Kim Kardashian has revealed that she is “re-evaluating” her relationship with the luxury fashion house.

“As a mother of four, I have been shaken by the disturbing images,” she said in a social media statement.

Peony Hirwani reports on what else the Skims owner said.

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