The Last of Us, The Witcher, Fallout, God of War and Horizon are all among PlayStation and Xbox games coming to TV

Live-action remakes of PlayStation and Xbox games are clearly a recipe the public is eager to try more of. ‘The Last of Us’, which premiered on HBO in the US on January 15, has broken a slew of records since it hit screens. The adaptation follows the story of Joel –played by Pedro Pascal– and … Read more

NASA hits limits of space station utilization

WASHINGTON — NASA has effectively reached full utilization of the International Space Station given limitations on crew time and the ability to get cargo to and from the station, an agency official said Jan. 30. Speaking at a meeting of a National Academies committee working on the decadal survey for biological and physical sciences in … Read more

A miniature robot for diagnosing lung cancer

This tiny soft robot can be steered through the branches of the lungs without causing damage for safer diagnosis. In recent years, soft robotics has garnered a spotlight in the surgical field due to their scalability, flexibility, and the potential for safer interactions with biological tissues. These aspects of soft robotics are particularly beneficial in … Read more

The California author uses dark humor — and a bear — to highlight the flawed health system

Mother-to-be Kathleen Founds made a routine doctor’s appointment to discuss the risks of antidepressants in pregnancy. After the visit, Founds, who relies on medication to quell the manic highs and desperate lows of bipolar disorder, learned the physician was out of network. She received a surprise bill for $650, launching her into a maze of … Read more

Data-driven algorithm predicts deep brain stimulation parameters for Parkinson’s treatment

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) of the subthalamic nucleus (STN) is used for advanced Parkinson’s disease treatment to improve the quality of life of patients by alleviating motor symptoms, as well as reducing dopaminergic medication requirements. Nevertheless, the success of this treatment modality depends on the correct selection of stimulation parameters, such as pulse width, the … Read more