The latest news on Russia and the war in Ukraine

Ukraine’s Prosecutor General found more than 42,000 crimes committed by Russia during the invasion Ukraine’s Prosecutor General has published an updated assessment of crimes committed by Russia during the eight months of its war in Ukraine. The Prosecutor General registered 42,616 crimes of aggression and war crimes committed by Russia. These include breaking the laws … Read more

Meet the Windows servers that have been supporting massive DDoSes for months

Aurich Lawson/Getty A small North African retailer, a North American telecommunications provider and two separate religious organizations: What do they have in common? They all run misconfigured Microsoft servers that flood the internet with gigabytes per second of junk data for months or years in distributed denial-of-service attacks designed to disrupt or take down websites … Read more

New neurological side effects of vaccination against COVID-19

Fan HT, Lin YY, Chiang WF, Lin CY, Chen MH, Wu KA, Chan JS, Kao YH, Shyu HY, Hsiao PJ. COVID-19 vaccine-induced encephalitis and status epilepticus. QJM. 2022 Feb 21;115(2):91-93. doi: 10.1093/qjmed/hcab335. PMID: 34978572; PMCID: PMC9383153. Comprehensive testing including repeated spinal taps showed indirect evidence of Spike protein produced by mRNA vaccine in the brain. … Read more

A US mistake that could give Putin victory in Ukraine

When Russia invaded Ukraine in February, a cruel unprovoked war provoked a response at home and abroad that surpassed i Biden administration the most ambitious expectations for retaliation. But now, as the war enters its ninth month, the full support of the American electorate is disappearing and the overwhelming bipartisan support in Congress is beginning … Read more