CSIRO, Nutri V turning vegetable food waste into healthy snacks one farm at a time

The global food waste conundrum continues to grow, but smart tech developed in Australia could cut the problem significantly, one farm at a time.

It is estimated that a quarter of all food grown never leaves the farm, and up to 40 percent of what gets home from the supermarket is often left to rot.

A 2021 United Nations report said if food waste were a country, it would be closely behind the USA and China as the third-highest emitter of greenhouse gases.

In fact, 31 percent of all food grown worldwide goes uneaten and putting food in landfills releases tons of greenhouse gases, adding up to almost 10 percent of total global emissions.

Australia is aiming to reduce food waste by half by 2030, but it will require everyone from the farm gate to the home to significantly reduce waste.

Turning vegetables into powder

Start-up company Nutri V is working with the CSIRO to turn vegetable waste into healthy snacks.

Cauliflower in the field
About 25 percent of vegetables on farms are wasted.(Supplied: Fresh Select)

With the help of the CSIRO, the company has developed a processing system that is now operating on the farm of their parent company, Fresh Select, one of Australia’s largest brassica growers and a supplier to Coles.

Broccoli, pumpkins and cauliflowers that don’t meet supermarket specifications are picked and sorted in the mornings, then washed, dried into powders and turned into a veggie snack by the afternoon.

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