What ChatGPT’s success says about bad Silicon Valley advice: Elad Gill

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm. The artificial intelligence chatbot from OpenAI has captured imaginations around the world and drawn hefty investments from Microsoftwhich said this month it plans to sink billions into the venture and incorporate its technology into a wide range of its products. But OpenAI’s rapid ascent—it launched in late 2015 … Read more

Shutterstock Has Launched Its Generative AI Image Tool

I asked the robot to draw a picture of a robot drawing a picture of a robot. It didn’t go great. Image: Shutterstock AI (Shutterstock) Shutterstock, one of the internet’s biggest sources of stock photos and illustrations, is now offering its customers the option to generate their own AI images. In October, the company announced … Read more

The Art Behind Supply Chains is Front and Center at a Museum Exhibit

At a small gallery tucked behind the cavernous atrium at the Museum of Modern Art in Midtown Manhattan on a recent day, visitors lingered before a sprawling work, a series of dots, lines and diagrams in a seemingly abstract design against a stark, black background. The piece, laced with text in tiny print, is nothing … Read more

Google to demo ChatGPT alternative at I/O 2023

In November, a budding start-up OpenAI introduced ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), an Artificial Intelligence-powered chatbot. It is powerful and several leagues above any chatbot in the industry. It can converse as naturally as between two humans. With Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) algorithm, the ChatGPT smartly answers almost all queries and gets information almost … Read more

What’s next in cancer imaging?

Bob Jacobus, CEO of AI Metrics. Early detection and cancer screening efforts are driving an uptick in reported cancer cases, simultaneously offsetting progress in reducing new cases with efforts across the spectrum of technology, from public health initiatives to advances in genetic profiling. Oncologists order roughly 12 million2 CT, MRI, and PET scans annually and … Read more

AI experts on whether you should be “terrified” of ChatGPT

ChatGPT is artificial intelligence that writes for you, any kind of writing you like – letters, song lyrics, research papers, recipes, therapy sessions, poems, essays, outlines, even software code. And despite its clunky name (GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer), within five days of its launch, more than a million people were using it. How … Read more

AI helps discover potential cancer drugs in less than a month

Drug discovery can be a long, expensive affair — but with advances in artificial intelligenceresearchers from Insilico Medicine and the University of Toronto have shrunk what usually takes years or even decades to less than a month. The study may be the world’s first to apply a groundbreaking AI technology called AlphaFold to drug discovery … Read more

AI could help emergency physicians triage patients with chest pain

A team at Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital developed an AI deep-learning model that identifies patients with acute chest pain syndrome who are at risk for 30-day acute coronary syndrome, pulmonary embolism (PE), or aortic dissection. In testing, the model improved prediction of these adverse outcomes, they wrote. “To the best of our knowledge, our deep … Read more

Researchers explore multi-syndrome prediction of dementia syndromes

A recent study published in NeuroImage: Clinical explored how support vector machines (SVMs) applied to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data can differentiate different dementia syndromes. Study: Multiclass prediction of different dementia syndromes based on multi-centric volumetric MRI imaging. Image Credit: Salim Hanzaz/Shutterstock Background Dementia syndromes are a significant burden for the aging population. Recently, molecular … Read more

Microsoft’s new AI can mimic any voice from a 3-second recording

Microsoft recently unveiled its cutting-edge text-to-speech AI language model VALL-Ewhich it claims can mimic any voice — including its emotional tone, vocal timbre and even the background noise — after training using just three seconds of audio. The researchers believe VALL-E could work as a high-quality text-to-speech synthesizer, as well as a speech editor that … Read more