How to get and upgrade the Contact Beam in Dead Space Remake

To safely navigate through the hazardous areas of the USG Ishimura in Dead Space Remake, you’ll need to use all available means of protection to avoid being killed by deadly necromorphs. You’ll gain access to powerful weapons as you progress through the story. This includes the powerful Contact Beam, a versatile weapon capable of dealing … Read more

How to obtain and use the Kinesis Module in Dead Space Remake?

The Kinesis Module is one of the primary abilities provided in the Dead Space series. With the Dead Space Remake, the Kinesis Module sees updated textures and game mechanics, giving pleasing visuals in the game. Anyone familiar with the horrors of the gore galore Dead Space universe knows the significance of Kinesis abilities and their … Read more

How to upgrade and get Dead Space remake level 6 suit rig

Dead Space remake is out now, with fans soaking in the visual delight of the upgraded graphics. Exploring the stranded space station, USG Ishimura is filled with peril. Dead Space remake gives players a lot of unique weapons and suit upgrades to survive this journey. A level 6 suit rig called the EDF rig, or … Read more

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All Dead Space remake weapon upgrade locations

With the Dead Space remake offering plenty of weapons in its arsenal, it becomes necessary to upgrade them and improve one’s survival chances in this sci-fi horror classic. However, finding weapon upgrade locations might be a nuisance for players as they are scattered around Ishimura. With upgrade mechanics, they can increase damage output, reload speed, … Read more

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