The Art Behind Supply Chains is Front and Center at a Museum Exhibit

At a small gallery tucked behind the cavernous atrium at the Museum of Modern Art in Midtown Manhattan on a recent day, visitors lingered before a sprawling work, a series of dots, lines and diagrams in a seemingly abstract design against a stark, black background. The piece, laced with text in tiny print, is nothing … Read more

‘It is an employer’s market’: Tech layoffs may have turned the Great Resignation into the Great Recommitment

The flood of Big tech layoffs has again upended the dynamic between employers and employees, workers and executives say, leading to prolonged job searches and widespread fear and anxiety among many in the industry. “It is an employer’s market after years of employees having the benefit of working from home [and] more jobs with higher … Read more

1st small modular nuclear reactor certified for use in the US

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has certified the design for what will be the United States’ first small modular nuclear reactor. The rule that certifies the design was published Thursday in the Federal Register. It means that companies seeking to build and operate a nuclear power plant can pick the design for a 50-megawatt, advanced … Read more

Households earning $100,000 or more are cutting back more aggressively on spending. What’s going on?

We want to hear from readers who have stories to share about the effects of increasing costs and a changing economy. If you’d like to share your experience, write to [email protected] Please include your name and the best way to reach you. A reporter may be in touch. Higher-earning households are feeling the inflationary pinch. … Read more

Crypto Platform Bitzlato Charged With Laundering More Than $700 Million of Illicit Money

US authorities designated cryptocurrency exchange Bitzlato Ltd. as a primary money-laundering concern and charged its founder for allegedly facilitating money laundering for criminals. The Treasury Department designated Bitzlato under a section of the USA Patriot Act, a law used to combat money laundering and terrorist financing, for allegedly laundering illicit funds for ransomware actors based … Read more

Secure 2.0 Lets Retirees Delay RMDs. That Doesn’t Mean They Should.

Text size It’s worth doing the calculations to determine whether taking RMDs earlier may ease your tax bill. Dreamstime The Secure 2.0 Act gives savers 72 and under an extra year before you have to withdraw money from your retirement accounts. But just because you can postpone your required minimum distribution (RMD) doesn’t mean you … Read more

You can earn 3%-4% on your savings account. 7 smart ways to save more in 2023

Converting your monthly billpay to paperless can result in “over $1,000 a year in savings”, according to an expert. Getty Images/iStockphoto The No. 1 financial new year’s resolution for 2023 is to boost savings, according to a recent Bank of America survey. And while building a savings account has never been easy, many savings accounts … Read more

Amazon, Salesforce jettison jobs in latest tech worker purge

E-commerce giant Amazon and business software maker Salesforce are the latest US technology companies to announce major job cuts as they prune payrolls that rapidly expanded during the pandemic lockdown. Amazon said Wednesday that it will be cutting about 18,000 positions. It’s the largest set of layoffs in the Seattle-based company’s history, although just a … Read more

Evacuation warnings amid flooding after California storm

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Residents of a Northern California community were ordered to evacuate ahead of imminent flooding, and evacuation warnings were in place elsewhere in rural parts of the region on New Year’s Day after a powerful storm brought drenching rain or heavy snowfall to much of the state, breaching levees , snarling traffic and … Read more

Opinion: 11 predictions for money, technology, stocks and crypto for 2023

Here are some 2023 predictions for financial markets, the economy and stocks. I’ve spent the last year and a half being cautious in the wake of the Bubble-Blowing Bull Market that finally ended early in 2022. Following this year of turmoil, the timing may just be right for us to see the economy morph into … Read more