Tony Gilroy Talks Post-Credits Scene, Season 2

Image: Lucasfilm It doesn’t feel like that long ago that Diego Luna’s idea Rogue One character Cassian Andor getting a solo series felt strange. But over the past two months and change, Andor has proven itself to be a pretty great show. Not just “great for Star Wars,” but legitimately great in a way that … Read more

Toy News 11/25/2022 Black Friday: Figuarts Chainsaw Man

Image: EXO-6, Cellutane, and Bandai Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9’s regular round up of the coolest toys around on the internet. This week: Star Trek‘s 1/6 figure line goes to Deep Space Ninethe hottest anime of the season gets a hot new figure, and sit back and relax Pokémon style. Check it out! Image: … Read more

Earthspark’s Post Gen-1 Setting Is a Great Twist

Screenshot: Paramount The new Transformers animated series, Earthspark, is doing a lot of things that might make dyed-in-the-wool fans wary at first. It’s a family showin that its primary focus is he its robotic heroes as they are sit hand-in-hand with two young kids and their parents. It’s also not about the Autobot/Decepticon conflict, as … Read more

Chris Hemsworth Says Things Need to Change for Return

Image: Marvel Studios Chad Stahleski talks about the influences on John Wick 4. Get a new look at HBO’s The Last of Us. Plus, a look at what’s coming in Doom Patrol‘s fourth season, and new pictures from the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. Spoilers, now! Devil Inside Bloody-Disgusting reports Caitlin Stasey (Smile), Ryan … Read more

NASA Will Let You Send Messages to an iPad On Board Orion

The current view inside Orion, featuring the Callisto tech demo. Also, check out the Snoopy plush doll, which is floating just to the bottom-right of the center. Photo: NASA NASA’s Artemis 1 mission features a host of demonstration technologies, including Callisto—a collaboration between Lockheed Martin, Amazon, and Cisco. The Callisto team is making it possible … Read more

SCOTUS Take on Jack Daniel’s Dispute Against Parody Dog Toy

Photo: Stephen Lovekin (Getty Images) Whiskey conglomerate Jack Daniel’s Property, Inc has filed a dispute against the dog toy maker VIP Products LLC for making a toy parody of its signature whiskey bottle. The company has even succeeded pushed the US Supreme Court to hear their dispute, which they agreed to on Monday. SCOTUSblog shared … Read more

Black Panther 2 Killmonger Scene Explained, Plus New Panther

Let’s talk about the new Black PantherImage: Marvel Studios Going into Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Marvel wasn’t specifically saying who was going to become the Black Panther in the wake of T’Challa’s death—but a glance at the poster or commercials made it fairly clear. So the who, maybe, wasn’t a mystery. But the why and … Read more