The Art Behind Supply Chains is Front and Center at a Museum Exhibit

At a small gallery tucked behind the cavernous atrium at the Museum of Modern Art in Midtown Manhattan on a recent day, visitors lingered before a sprawling work, a series of dots, lines and diagrams in a seemingly abstract design against a stark, black background. The piece, laced with text in tiny print, is nothing … Read more

Porsche’s $7,000 Rooftop Tent Makes Camping Not Suck

Photo: Steven Ewing The campground at Leo Carrillo State Park in Malibu, California is lovely, but you’re not exactly roughing it. There are park restrooms with indoor plumbing and a Starbucks 10 minutes down the road. Each campsite has a fire pit with a built-in cooking grate and there’s a cute little store where a … Read more

I Regret to Inform You That a 55-Inch TV Is the Largest TV You Can Fit Into the Back of a Lexus LS 500

Photo: Collin Woodard You’ve got to love Google Photos. It backs up every picture that you take, and then, every now and then, decides to curate a collection of photos from your past that you didn’t have any interest in remembering. Although recently, my phone decided to remind me about my move to Detroit. As … Read more

Experts Recommend Drugs, Surgery for Teen Obesity in New Guidelines

Image: Shutterstock (Shutterstock) For the first time ever, experts with the American Academy of Pediatrics are recommending proactive medical intervention against childhood obesity. The organization’s new guidelines will no longer ask doctors to simply observe or delay treatment in children with obesity, defined as a body mass index over 30. They instead now emphasize a … Read more

Don’t Waste Your Time With These Terrible Diet Tips

Photo: Viacheslav Nikolaenko (Shutterstock) It’s the new year and everybody’s on a diet—I mean, a wellness journey. Whether you want to lose weight or not is none of my business, but I do beg you to please, please let all the following silly weight loss “hacks” die. Many of them verge on disordered eating behaviorswhile … Read more

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Haute Voiture Is Fashion Meets Car

Image: Mercedes Benz I always thought the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class was the ultimate top-most expression of luxury from Mercedes-Benz. Man I was wrong. The German luxury automaker took it’s Maybach S-Class a step further into unreachable luxury, debuting a very limited edition that makes the standard sedan pale in comparison. Enter the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Haute Voiture. … Read more

10 Dividend Aristocrat stocks expected by analysts to rise up to 54% in 2023

Stocks of companies that raise dividends have consistently outperformed during this year’s bear market. Below is a screen showing which stocks are analysts’ favorites for next year among an expanded list of Dividend Aristocrats. That’s followed by a list of Aristocrats with the highest dividend yields. First, let’s define this group of stocks. Holding up … Read more

Rare Irish whiskey mecca opens in Belfast after £2 million fit-out

BELFAST whiskey shop, The Friend at Hand, has invested £2 million in a museum space to house the largest collection of Irish whiskeys in the world. The Hill Street venue, which is already a popular draw for tourists in the Cathedral Quarter, is expected to become a major focal point for the ongoing resurgence of … Read more