Chemours Unveils Ti-Pure™ Sustainability (TS) Product Series, Designed to Advance Company & Customers’ Sustainability Goals Through TiO2 Innovation

Published an hour ago Submitted by The Chemours Company Chemours Titanium Technologies recently announced a new Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide (TiO2) product portfolio: the Ti-Pure™ Sustainability (TS) series, which includes two high-performance grades. This new product family showcases Chemours’ commitment to advancing its enterprise, business unitand customers’ sustainability goals. “When we say we aspire to be … Read more

Alcohol Flushing Response May Increase Chances of Heart Disease

If you’re East or Southeast Asian, you’re probably very familiar with the alcohol flushing response—otherwise known as the “Asian glow.” After one or two drinksyour face and body grows redder than a sun-dried tomato, and people start asking you if you somehow got sunburned at the bar or party that night. The flushing response is … Read more

Lowering cellphone bills, reviewing wholesale rates among new CRTC chair’s priorities

Vicky Eatrides, new Chairperson and CEO of the CRTC, in the regulator’s offices in Gatineau, Quebec on Jan. 19.Blair Gable/Blair Gable Photography Vicky Eatrides, the new chair of Canada’s broadcast and telecommunications regulator, wants to make it clear that lowering cellphone and internet bills is a top priority for her. “What I really want is … Read more

What Happens to Elon Musk and Electric Cars if Tesla Dies?

Tesla had a rough 2022—to say the least. Everything from the economythat inflationto the Russian invasion of Ukraine dealt body blow after body blow to the electric carmaker—and the rest of the tech and auto industry at large. However, the recent actions of company CEO Elon Musk, following his reluctant purchase of Twitter, have only … Read more

Jupiter’s Moon Io Might Have a Hellish Magma Ocean Beneath Its Surface

There are more than 200 moons in the solar system, but none quite like Io, the third largest of Jupiter’s 80 moons. Io is really, really volcanic. In fact, it’s peppered with so many hundreds of powerful active volcanoes that there must be something unusual beneath its crust. That something could be a thick moonwide … Read more