Lipid Signature May Flag Schizophrenia

A specific lipid profile can identify patients with schizophreniapossibly paving the way for the development of the first clinically useful diagnostic test for a severe psychiatric illness, new research suggests. Although such a test remains a long way off, investigators said, the identification of the unique lipid signature is a critical first step. However, one … Read more

Self harm a ‘priority area’ for public health amid 4 affected youth visiting Hamilton EDs a week – Hamilton

As Hamilton emergency departments (EDs) deal with up to four self-harm cases among youth per week, the city’s manager of mental well-being says public health will make the issue “a priority area of ​​focus” in the coming year. Melissa Biksa ​​attributes the surge in cases to “unique challenges” that came with the COVID-19 pandemic causing … Read more

One in Four Cardiologists Report Mental Health Issues

More than a quarter of cardiologists in an international survey reported experiencing mental health conditions ranging from anxiety or anger issues to major depression or other psychiatric disorders. Such conditions varied in prevalence by cardiology subspecialty and years in the field, were more common in women than in men, and were closely linked to enduring … Read more