This Groundbreaking Biomaterial Heals Tissues From the Inside Out

Newswise — A new biomaterial that can be injected intravenously, reduces inflammation in tissue and promotes cell and tissue repair. The biomaterial was tested and proven effective in treating tissue damage caused by heart attacks in both rodent and large animal models. Researchers also provided proof of concept in a rodent model that the biomaterial … Read more

What is MINOCA? A Type of Heart Attack Mostly Affecting Women

Newswise — LOS ANGELES (Jan. 30, 2023) — Heart disease is the leading cause of death among women in the US, and a type of heart attack called myocardial infarction with non-obstructive coronary arteries (MINOCA), which predominantly affects women , is garnering increased attention. In observance of American Heart Month in February and Cedars-Sinai’s 18th … Read more

Tweezers untangle chemotherapeutic’s impact on DNA

Newswise — ITHACA, NY — New Cornell research is providing a fresh view into the ways a common chemotherapy agent, etoposide, stalls and poisons the essential enzymes that allow cancer cells to flourish. The findings, from the lab of Michelle Wang, the James Gilbert White Distinguished Professor of the Physical Sciences and Howard Hughes Medical … Read more

COVID calculations lead to an unexpected solution to a long-standing problem in theoretical computer science

Newswise — At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Joachim Kock, mathematician at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), began to experiment with epidemiological models. He did not improve upon the predictions, but unexpectedly he made a mathematical discovery that led to the solution of an old problem in theoretical computer science, open since the … Read more

Corona vaccine based on new technology tested in clinical study

Newswise — A new COVID-19 vaccine based on a different platform than current vaccines on the market has been tested in humans for the first time by researchers at Radboud University Medical Center. Administration of this vaccine in healthy study participants was well tolerated and led to a good immune response. The effectiveness of the … Read more

Science is the best (local, regional, national, global) policy

By Eleanor Eckel, BRI Communications Coordinator Newswise — A coyote’s lone cry punctuated the darkness as the two biologists hiked the wooded trail, parkas tightly zipped against the chill October night. They had been trekking this route every hour since dusk, winding their way to the mist nets they had set up earlier in the … Read more

The Mechanism Of Cosmic Magnetic Fields Explored in the Laboratory

The Science Plasma is matter that is so hot that the electrons are separated from atoms. The electrons float freely and the atoms become ions. This creates an ionized gas—plasma—that makes up almost all of the visible universe. Recent research shows that magnetic fields can spontaneously emerge in a plasma. This can happen if the … Read more

Using fungi, researchers convert ocean plastic into ingredients for the drug industry

Newswise — LAWRENCE — Research on fungi underway at the University of Kansas has helped transform tough-to-recycle plastic waste from the Pacific Ocean into key components for making pharmaceuticals. The chemical–biological approach for converting polyethylene uses an everyday soil fungus called Aspergillus nidulans that has been genetically altered. The results were reported recently in the … Read more

New research identifies a potential treatment target for hepatoblastoma, the most common liver cancer in children

Newswise — Philadelphia, January 16, 2023 – Although rare compared to adult liver cancers, hepatoblastoma is the most common pediatric liver malignancy, and its incidence is increasing. In this novel study appearing in The American Journal of Pathologypublished by Elsevier, investigators studying a mouse model of hepatoblastoma report that the protein heat shock transcription factor … Read more

Hubble Finds Hungry Black Hole Twisting Captured Star Into Donut Shape

FOR RELEASE: 5:15 pm (EST) January 12, 2023 RELEASE: STScI-PR2023-001 Newswise — Black holes are gatherers, not hunters. They lie in wait until a hapless star wanders by. When the star gets close enough, the black hole’s gravitational grasp violently rips it apart and sloppily devours its gases while belching out intense radiation. Astronomers using … Read more