Saskatchewan government looks to expand influence over gun control

The Government of Saskatchewan is introducing a new province gun control regulations with a bill it says will “protect law-abiding firearms owners”. The Saskatchewan Firearms Act was read for the first time in the legislature Thursday. It will establish licensing requirements and compensation rates for the seizure of prohibited guns in Saskatchewan, as well as … Read more

The world’s largest T. rex, held in Regina, may have relatives 70 percent bigger

For many years now, Saskatchewan has been the proud home of the world’s largest Tyrannosaurus rex. Nicknamed Scotty, this once huge animal used to roam the earth some 66 million years ago. Weighing an estimated 19,555 pounds, the equivalent of four pickup trucks, and measuring nearly 42 feet long. Scotty took more than two decades … Read more

Study finds more tickborne illnesses across Canada through more rigorous testing

A Quebec-based researcher is calling for more comprehensive testing to monitor ticksnoting that pathogens other than Lyme disease are being found in ticks across Canada. Kirsten Crandall is a PhD candidate at McGill Universityand says one pathogen, Babesia odocoilei, is being found in animals like elk and deer in Saskatchewan. Read more: Tick ​​season is … Read more